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In my younger years, I was blessed with the gift of athleticism. I was also very fortunate to have coaches that understood that it would take a team effort to accomplish the ultimate goal, which was to win championships. When that challenge is achieved, it’s a memory never forgotten. That simple philosophy has been the cornerstone of my business for over 25 years. Now, I am the coach and you are my team mates. Together, we consult, design, and define everything necessary to achieve a common goal, which is a well done job and a happy team.

My interpretation of a professional is knowing what you know, knowing what you don’t know, and not mixing the two. In football, they have special teams for special situations. In construction, they have specialized sub-contractors for specific phases of work. When certain skills are required, beyond my capabilities, I have no problem asking for professional help.

Together, everyone achieves more is not just a statement. It’s a fact, proven time after time.

We like to measure twice and cut once, as opposed to cutting it twice and it’s still to short.
“Bobbett” - Mini Excavator
“Billy Bob” - Bob Cat
Dump Truck
Flatbed Truck
Fork Lift
Wet Saw
Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been an outdoor person. In eighth grade I started my first business. I cut grass on one acre lots for my development neighbors. I had about 7 or 8 customers and drove a brand new 1962 Wheel Horse lawn tractor my father bought for our own yard. I was rolling in dough at $4.00 per acre. I learned at an early age that if you do a good job, you keep your job and the word spreads. I guess that taste of entrepreneurship must have been good because I’ve been self employed ever since.

In my 20’s, I framed houses which lead into finish carpentry work. In my early 30’s, I was building swimming pools. Very quickly, I found out that concrete wasn’t just a word any more; it was something I was standing in with big yellow rubber boots. For the life of me, I can’t understand why people would choose this job to make a living. Twenty five years later, I’m still pouring concrete. Go figure that one out.

Modern technology had led me into the flat work business of inter-locking pavers and modular block retaining walls about 15 years ago. These decorative products are extremely popular today; and you don’t have to wear those big yellow rubber boots, either.

There is a saying that the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys. I love my Bob Cat and Mini Excavator. The Bob Cat is better known as Billy Bob, and the Mini is Bobbett. We all get along and work well together. Teamwork is an amazing thing.

I love to work and I consider it to be very stimulating and therapeutic. Even though times are a little harder these days, I still try to pick and choose who I work for. I like people who appreciate quality workmanship and share a general sense of compassion for other people. It helps if they like animals, also.
Retaining Walls




Concrete Steps & Flatwork

Drainage Systems






Teach/Do-it Yourself

Let’s face it; all jobs, to some degree, start out as dirty jobs. I have often said, “You have to break the egg, before you can make an omelet”. From a home owners view, I make some large omelets. That can be a lot of eggs.

Some of my most powerful tools I use on almost every job, regardless of the trade, are photographs of past jobs (see Project Gallery). Excavation and demolition work can become very messy initially, but what I like about the pictures is, that it shows the size of the equipment I will be using on your property. I have specialized small excavation equipment (see Big Boys/Big Toys) that fits the needs for most of the work I do. The more you know about the different stages of a job, and how they come together, the more comfortable you will feel with me and the flow of progress in action.

Safety is always at the forefront of all the projects I tackle. I like to keep the job site as clean as possible at all times, and follow the steps of a well thought out plan. Mr. Liability is always lurking around on a job site, and I like to keep him at bay. Usually, using good common sense is one of your best deterrents.

Whether I am working for you or with you, my primary objective is to correct the issues at hand effectively, and create a work of art that deserves recognition. A Win-Win scenario is what we are striving to achieve.
Bobbett is gassed up and raring to go with the rest of our team!

You can email us at or call 610.405.7200 to request an estimate or answer any questions. Together we’ll work as a team on your next project.